MIA FREEDMAN – Co-founder, Managing Director Content & Strategy

Kindness is such a holistic thing. It’s how you behave towards people you know and people you don’t. It’s how you behave in real life and online. Kindness is what you choose to say and what you don’t. It is perhaps the unsung hero of all virtues because it has the ability to change the world

Rebecca Sparrow – Author & Speaker

Kindness is a choice you make. It’s the little choices – day in and day out, online and offline – about how you will respond to other people moment to moment. It’s also a big choice we each get to make about how we want to move through this world. When we choose to give people the benefit of the doubt, when we choose compassion and understanding over judgement, when we choose to be vulnerable and reach out and say “Me too. You’re not alone.” — that’s kindness. And when you allow kindness to be your true north, you in turn become a force for good. #choosekind

Megan annear – Radio personality and youtuber

Kindness is one of those incredible things where the more the give of it, the more you seem to receive. I’ve always been a believer in being kind will get you incredible places – and I’ve been lucky enough to have people around me always willing to lend a helping hand. So I make sure that I am that helping hand to whoever needs it back. The happiness created from seeing someone else’s joy through your own kindness is irreplaceable.


The simplicity of kindness is incredibly powerful. To see someone, anyone…not just people who might be economically poor but something/anything that catches your eye & in need of that gift of your kindness can change everything…. I’m responsible for bringing laughter to the life around me, & that brings me immeasurable pleasure. #choosekind as your 1st choice.


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